We offer help desk services for businesses in the Greater Lafayette and surrounding areas. Our local help desk team provides expert IT support for your end users.  Your end users can contact our help desk team whether they’re experiencing IT issues or just need answers to an IT question.

Best of all most issues can be resolve quickly and remotely using our remote support tools. We can also schedule an on-site visit for any issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

  • End-User Tech Support

    Your end users gain access to a team of experts to help resolve any IT issue such as e-mail connectivity, printing issues, software errors, and more.

  • Multiple Support Channels

    We make it easy for end users to open a support ticket with our help desk team by offering multiple contact channels. You can reach our help desk team by phone, e-mail, text, or our help button.

  • Remote or On-Site Support

    Most issues can be resolved quickly and remotely. However, if an issue cannot be resolved remotely, we’ll schedule an on-site visit.

  • Unlimited Remote Support

    Your business gets unlimited remote support with Managed IT Services. No more worrying about charges each time your end users contact our help desk.

  • Local Help Desk Team

    Rest easily knowing that you’re getting support from local people because our help desk team is based in Lafayette, LA.

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Help Desk Support


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    Hardware Issues

    Resolving issues with printers, scanners, and other peripherals.

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    Software Support

    Provide installation or resolve issues with software applications.

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    Network Connectivity

    Resolve network issues such inability to access shared files or database.

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    E-mail Services

    Support for desktop and mobile e-mail clients using Office 365 or G Suite services.

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    Performance Issues

    Troubleshoot and resolve performance issues with your computer or network.

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    General Questions

    Provide assistance and answers for any IT related questions.



We believe in making it easy for our clients to get support. That’s why we offer multiple ways that you can reach us. Contact our help desk team using any of these methods to get support for your IT issues.

Submitting your request using the Help Button or Desktop Shortcut is the preferred method. These methods collects diagnostic information about your computer and submits it to our team for analysis. This diagnostic information allows us to give you better support for your issue.

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    Help Button

    Clients on Managed IT Services will have a help button installed near their computer. Just tap the button, describe your problem, and we’ll be notified of your request.

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    Desktop Shortcut

    Click on the desktop shortcut installed on your computer to open a support ticket. You’ll be asked to describe your problem and we’ll be notified once submitted.

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    Send an e-mail to [email protected] with description of your problems and how we can contact you.

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    Got an emergency or your computer is totally offline? Just give us a call at (337) 944-0035.

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