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Why Do People Create Computer Virus?

Have you ever wondered why someone would put in all the effort to create a computer virus? What’s the incentive for them by creating something so destructive that can spread across the world in second...

Throwback Thursday Tech

Throwback Thursday Tech: Apple Newton MessagePad

Did you know in 1993, Apple released a device that some would call a precursor to the iPad? The Apple Newton MessagePad is a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) that functions as a personal information m...

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Cyber Security – An Essential Guide for Small Businesses

Small businesses rely on the Internet for many of their operations—from ordering stock to keeping in touch with customers. Unfortunately, the Internet increases small businesses to the exposure of cyb...

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Common Signs of a Phishing Scam

Phishing scams can ruin the reputation of your organization and cost you countless dollars. These scams often attempt to trick employees into giving out personal login information or click on a malici...